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There are many causes of toothache, which range from tooth clenching to out right failure of a tooth. It is always best to attend to any aches and pains in your teeth as soon as they occur even if no treatment becomes necessary. The reason for this is that doing so allows the dentist to get a baseline reading of the problem which will be informative should the problem progress.

Toothache due to a decayed tooth could have any of the following symptoms :

• a sensitivity to hot or cold drinks and food
• sudden pain from a tooth or jaw, usually of moderate to severe intensity
• pain which lasts a few days or longer
• pain possibly related to one tooth or over a wide area
• painkillers may provide temporary relief till you can be seen by a dentist
• swelling could occur

The remedies range from clearing of the decayed area and placement of a filling; to root canal treatment if the decay is extensive and has affected the nerve of the tooth; drainage of any swelling; antibiotics to ease the infection; and, if all else fails, extraction of the tooth.

It may not always be possible or desirable to extract the offending tooth at the emergency appointment. However there are means of alleviating the pain and swelling and scheduling more treatment at an appropriate time.

The cost of emergency work varies depending on the treatment called for, and starts at £75.