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Smile Makeovers are performed for many reasons, namely to alter tooth form or colour or arrangement. At this practice we customize your smile design according to your unique considerations depending on what you do or dont like about your teeth. Call us for an appointment so that Adeline can discuss the various possibilities for improving your smile.

Why alter tooth length?
With age teeth get shortened through wear. Short teeth tend to have an aging effect on the smile. What we as dentists are finding more and more of these days is that most of us are accelerating the wear of our teeth through bite related issues

Why alter gums?
Gummy smiles give the appearance of short teeth. We may be able to lengthen the teeth by sculpting the gums back slightly.

Why alter the colour of teeth?
Dark and stained teeth tend to dull the smile and face. One of the easiest and cheapest forms of a smile lift is to have your teeth bleached. Another way of brightening your smile is to crown or veneer your teeth.

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